With nearly 1000 vehicles participating annually and only a window of 5 hours to assess them all, doing so becomes a difficult task. We received a lot of positive feedback on last year’s judging format so the decision has been made to bring back the handpicked team of highly qualified automotive industry professionals who judged last year’s show. Together they will review the show field and recognize the stand out vehicles with over 100 various awards. The consensus team which consists of 3 individuals has been selected because of their extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Their previous experiences as competitors themselves in national show circuits, their experience in event production and the fact that all 3 men are current national judges for other major events around the country; qualifies them to manage this task for us. (Meet each consensus team member and learn a bit about their qualifications below) 


Our format of assessment invites ALL participating vehicles to be eligible for an award – placed in a vendor booth or parked anywhere on the show field – if you paid your registration fee you will be in contention. There is only one rule that we must ask you to follow – and that is if you want to be in contention for an award YOU MUST HAVE YOUR DASH CARD COMPLETED AND ON DISPLAY ON THE DRIVERS SIDE WINDSHIELD OF YOUR VEHICLE. If there is no dash card present when the consensus team is walking around your car will be skipped and the team will not have time to go back.


*** Participants will be notified of their winning by a Cruise to the Show Decal being placed in the upper top right corner of the windshield by 4pm. If you see this decal be sure to be at the stage at 4:30 for the awards ceremony. Awards will not be mailed out they must be picked up by yourself or a representative at the event*** 


Please allow us to introduce you to the Consensus Team

Dan Swisher – Professional car show organizer and judge, who bring 30 plus years’ industry experience. He traveled the nation competing with one of the country’s top 57 Chevys for over a decade. Once retired from competition becoming an event judge was a natural next step as his vast knowledge in the classic American market and aftermarket industry coupled with his knowledge as a competitor delivers an individual with sharp eyes for quality craftsmanship and someone who can recognize degree of difficulty. “Swish” is currently the promoter of The Motorama Rod Custom and Tuner Show and a judge at the Northeast Rod and Custom Show. He was also the managing judge for the Carlisle Events GM Nationals for 5 years and was a celebrity guest judge for several of their other events. Swish was also the organizer / curator of the Hershey AACA Museum “Art of the Build” display which ran in early 2014. 

Terry Zerbe – A 30 years veteran of the car show industry and has collected countless awards from the various show circuits over the years. One of his vehicles has won some of the most prestigious titles on the highly reputable AACA circuit. Terry’s vast knowledge and experience of being a competitor has carried him over to the production side of the industry. He is a judge for the Super Cars on State Street event in Harrisburg, PA and Judges for the GM Nationals in Carlisle, PA as well as several other events in the Mid-Atlantic States. Terry’s sharp eye for the finer details of a build is what makes him a valuable asset to the team.

David Reider – National showmanship champion who conquered the NCCA points chase in the mid 2000’s. David’s builds have been featured in publications around the globe because of his fabrication abilities and attention to detail. He is a performance guru and is a believer of the 4F theory – (Fabrication, Fitment, Form and Function) which is what separates a customized car from a true masterpiece. David holds a wealth of knowledge in the modern performance segment and has been a guest celebrity judge for Toyota’s factory events as well as being a certified judge for the NCCA circuit after he retired from competing.



Vehicle Category Awards (27 awards)

Outstanding European (3)

Outstanding Japanese (3)

Outstanding Modern Muscle (3)

Outstanding Competition (3)

Outstanding Antique (3)

Outstanding Truck (3)

Outstanding Street Machine (3)

Outstanding Street Rod (3)

Outstanding Custom (3) 

Specialty Awards (13 awards) 

Outstanding Paint: (3) 

Outstanding Interior (3) 

Outstanding Engine (3) 

Outstanding In Car Electronics (3) 

The Barris Cup (1)

 In Honor of the late, great Mr. George Barris, an Annual Award entitled the Barris Cup will be dedicated not to a specific car, but rather to an influential individual who emulates the amazing characteristics of Mr. Barris himself. 

30 pics of show(not to overlap with any other awards) 30 additional vehicles will be recognized from the show fields for standout features, unique modifications and or overall well rounded builds.

Total awards – 70 awards

****Please note- there are additional awards which will be hand selected by event staff*****

*Award classes are subject to change